Kruger National Park Safaris

Come for the sport, stay for the Kruger

One of the biggest reasons why the Mbombela Stadium is unlike any other in South Africa, is because the design inspiration has been drawn directly from the area’s biggest attraction, the Kruger National Park!

Hosting sporting events throughout the year, Mbombela Stadium often sees packed seats, roaring crowds, and pure excited energy from spectators.

South Africans are passionate about sport, but we are also passionate about our proud wildlife conservation heritage, and if you find yourself heading to Mbombela Stadium to watch your favourite team, missing out on a trip to the Kruger would be almost sinful.

Once you’ve enjoyed your day at the sporting event, there is no better way to end your trip to the Lowveld with a trip into the park.

You’ve seen the inspiration of giraffes and zebras in the décor of the stadium, now you can see the real thing in the Kruger when you go on a safari with Kurt Safari.

As one of the oldest Kruger Park safari operators, we offer our guests a selection of Kruger tour options, so whether you are here for a day or a week, you can easily book an affordable safari through our website. We have a fleet of safari vehicles, and in the company of a professional guide, you can experience a real African safari, something that many South Africans have not yet treated themselves to.

Guided tours are fantastic for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that it gives you the chance to sit back and relax. Instead of driving yourself, something that most locals do, a guided safari gives you the opportunity to focus completely on just looking out for wildlife.

Our guided Kruger tours will take you to the best parts of the park and leave you with memories you’ll cherish forever. So the next time you are in town for sport, make sure you make some time for the Kruger.


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