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Limited on- site hospitality parking tickets are on sale on a first come first serve basis before matches and vary in price.  Match specific details are displayed on the Home Page.

Two additional parking areas are available adjacent to the stadium namely Halls A and Halls B parking area. These two areas are available until full capacity is reached whereafter no further vehicles are allowed into the precinct. All vehicles are diverted to the park and ride once full capacity is reached or 90 minutes before kick-off if the spectator numbers will exceed 13,500.

Bus transport is offered at all Soccer matches large Rugby matches by means of a park and ride system. Match tickets also serve as bus tickets and bus transport is offered from the following sites:

  • Government (Riverside) Parking area
  • Public Transport Hub
  • Valencia 
  • Show Grounds 

Busses start transporting spectators 3 hours before an event starts -

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